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When did Dominican Republic gain independence

The Dominican Republic gained independence from Spain on November 27th, 1844. This came after a long fight for independence that began in 1821. TheDominican Republic is the only country in Latin America to have been a Spanish colony, a French colony, and an independent nation.

The Dominican Republic’s fight for independence began in 1821 when a group of patriots known as the Los Trinitarios declared independence from Spain. This was short-lived, as Spain quickly regained control of the colony. The patriots regrouped and began a nearly twenty-year war against Spanish colonial rule. In 1838, the Dominicans signed a treaty with France, which had been at war with Spain, and gained recognition of their independence. However, Spain did not give up easily and sent a navy to retake the colony. The Dominican Republic was finally able to gain full independence in 1844.

Since gaining independence, the Dominican Republic has faced many challenges. The country has been through a number of dictatorships and has experienced periods of political instability. However, in recent years the country has been relatively stable and is now a popular tourist destination.

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