Cabarete Bay - Dominican Republic
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Dominican Republic tourism

Dominican Republic is a country located on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean region. It is the second largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba. Dominican Republic is the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean and is known for its resorts, beaches, and golf courses. The country’s capital, Santo Domingo, is the oldest city in the New World and was founded in 1496 by Christopher Columbus.

Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise with something for everyone. The beaches are some of the best in the world and offer a variety of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. The resorts offer a variety of amenities such as golf courses, tennis courts, spa services, and a variety of restaurants. For those who want to explore the country, there are a number of national parks and forests that offer hiking, bird watching, and other activities.

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