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What Dominican Republic resort deaths

The Dominican Republic has been in the news recently for a string of deaths of American tourists. While the cause of these deaths is still under investigation, it has led many people to question the safety of traveling to the Dominican Republic.

As someone who has visited the Dominican Republic several times, I can say that it is a beautiful country with friendly people. I have never felt unsafe while traveling there. However, I understand why people might be concerned in light of the recent deaths.

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination for American tourists. It is known for its beaches, resorts, and all-inclusive packages. According to the State Department, over 2.7 million Americans visited the Dominican Republic in 2016.

While the cause of the recent deaths is still unknown, it is important to remember that the Dominican Republic is generally a safe place to visit. The State Department has not issued any travel warnings for the country.

If you are considering traveling to the Dominican Republic, I would encourage you to do your research and talk to your doctor. I believe that the Dominican Republic is a safe place to visit, but it is always important to be informed and prepared before you travel.

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